GIS Based Planning

GIS based integrated plans are prepared to collect, store and analyze data related to assets created and also to manage them more effectively along with better understanding of their impact/outcome. As per the directions of MoRD, all the permissible works under MGNREGA, which are suitable for a gramapanchayath, shall be included in the GIS Based Plan. The works are identified both in public and private lands. The works thus identified in the GIS based plan must be included in the Shelf of Projects and shall be phased out in such a way that the GPs are saturated in 3-5 years.
For private landholdings, baseline data such as details of households, their Socio-Economic conditions, livelihood status/pattern, survey number of land, soil and land use pattern, agricultural crops and their yields, livestock, water resources available, etc are collected. Simultaneously, works are identified based on their needs and included in the plan. Similarly for public lands, details of all traditional water bodies, their present Status are collected and types of interventions required based on the gradient and other geographic features, are identified and included in the plan.

To avoid erroneous data being collected and to collect field data with geo coordinates, a dedicated Android based mobile application was used. Kerala Land Use Board, experts in the field of GIS based planning, have been assigned with the task of preparing GIS based plans.