Electronic Fund Management System (eFMS)

Mahatma Gandhi NREGS was launched in the State from 2nd of February 2006 onwards. In the pilot districts of Wayanad and Palakkad, Government Ordered that each individual worker should open an independent account in their nearest Scheduled/Nationalised Bank (GO(MS)No.81/06/LSGD dated 20.3.2006). The Government Order further stipulated that the concerned PRI shall issue the cheque from its account for payment of wages to the workers engaged for each work. Along with the cheque, the PRI shall attach a list in the prescribed form showing the names of the workers, the bank account number of each worker and the amount due as wages for each worker. On receipt of the cheque with the list in the prescribed form, the bank shall credit the amount to the individual bank account of each worker.

To address the delay in payment of wages, avoid parking of funds at various levels and ensure transparency Government of India decided to go in for Electronic Fund Management System.

Objectives of eFMS

  1. e-FMS solution will automate all processes involved in crediting the accounts of the beneficiaries.
  2.  Reduction in the turn-around time required for wage processing and payments
  3. Automation of processes will eventually lead to real-time availability of data at all levels of governance for strategic decision making.
  4.  e-FMS will act as seamless payment mechanism which will automatically ensure fund transfer and crediting of beneficiaries accounts leveraging the Core Banking infrastructure (NEFT/RTGS) of banks.
  5.  The system ensure right amount in right accounts in time.
  6. Successful implementation of the project across the country would do away with large number of bank accounts that are currently being operated by the Gram Panchayats all over the State as payments would be credited to the accounts of beneficiaries from an e-FMS Account.
  7. This would also take care of the problem of large unspent opening balances. 

Key Features

For the implementation of e-FMS, the State should:

  • Agree to make all Mahatma Gandhi NREGS payments through a Central Account/Accounts being operated at the State level/ District Level.
  • Internet connectivity should be available till GP level.
  • Possess at least two operational PCs at every GP with USB connectivity.
  • Agree to generate all Payment Orders for the Bank/ Post Offices payments exclusively using NREGASoft.
  • Adopt Digital Signatures for approving the bank payments.

National eFMS (NeFMS)

As of now, the Electronic Fund Management System is operationalised for effecting payment of unskilled wages of workers having their account with commercial banks and post offices, payment of material cost and administrative costs. There shall be only one eFMS account which works as the sponsor bank and all other accounts at the State level and below the State level shall be closed or maintained as zero balance accounts and the balances brought into the eFMS account. Similarly, all our efforts are to be initiated to fully migrate towards Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

MMS (Mobile Monitoring System)

Mahatma Gandhi NREGS is an IT-driven programme where all the processes are linked to the NREGASoft. With a view to improve the monitoring of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGS and provide a real time data visibility, Government of India decided to introduce the Mobile Monitoring System (MMS) to all the GPs and technical/supervisory personnel involved in Mahatma Gandhi NREGS in the Country, in phases, and thereby provide real time data connectivity at the GP level. The Mobile monitoring system uses the existing GSM/GPRS connectivity, linking it with the IT connectivity, thereby reducing the digital divide.

The objectives of the MMS scheme are as follows:

  1. To empower Gram Panchayats and implementation agencies with live data from the worksites
  2. To allow an online and real-time updation of database
  3. Allow real-time visibility of the data for complete transparency
  4. Ownership of the device by the GRS/TA/JE at the GP/cluster/Block level.
  5. Location of assets with geo-tagging for easy verification

Eligibility:  The following categories of functionaries involved in Mahatma Gandhi NREGA implementation would be eligible to get a Mobile/Tablet PC along with GSM/GPRS connectivity:

  1. The functionary at the Gram Panchayat level responsible for MGNREGA
  2. All the technical personnel responsible for measurement of works
  3. All supervisory staff that are authorised to check the musters
  4. Bharat Nirman Volunteers (BNVs)/mates identified

Identification: Government of India, as per letter No. J-11011/2/2008-MGNREGA dated 15.1.2015 informed that each of the 2500 IPPE Blocks can identify 10 GPs per Block for being brought under the Scheme. However, in the State, there are 146 GPs in the 22 Blocks selected for IPPE.